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Cross border surrogacy

Implications of the recent interpretation of who is a "parent" by the Australian Family Court in cross border surrogacy matters are starting to become more clear.  For this family, who were living in the USA at the time that they engaged in a surrogacy arrangement,  the parents are Australian citizens (and therefore can only live… Continue reading Cross border surrogacy

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2016 Reflections

A couple of days ago, a colleague asked what 2017 would hold for me, and I admitted I didn't yet know.  Only 12 months ago I was still in the final crazy preparations for my Churchill Fellowship (at this stage I was in the countdown - 12 days until departure).  For most of this year,… Continue reading 2016 Reflections

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Hidden costs of cross-border surrogacy

For any family contemplating surrogacy, either at home or overseas, it is critical that due consideration be given to medical costs associated with the pregnancy, and postpartum care of the infant (particularly if there is premature delivery or postpartum complications).  This complexity of this issue in the USA left my head spinning during my recent… Continue reading Hidden costs of cross-border surrogacy

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Sperm donation for the wrong reasons

Australia is preparing for the upcoming Parliamentary Inquiry into gestational surrogacy, and inevitably this discussion will also consider the intertwined issues of egg, sperm and embryo donation.  There is no way to fully separate the various aspects of third party reproduction. With the arguments raging around compensation for third party reproduction, I thought it was really timely… Continue reading Sperm donation for the wrong reasons

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When surrogacy contracts fall apart

Yet another cautionary surrogacy tale from overseas (in this instance the USA) where the surrogate wants a very different outcome to the commissioning parent, despite the legal contracts that were signed prior to the surrogacy being commenced. No matter how many legal issues you iron out ahead of time, there’s no way to legislate people’s… Continue reading When surrogacy contracts fall apart

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Stop 5: New York/Pennsylvania

Officially, my week in New York was to have been vacation only, (and New York is one of the few USA states were surrogacy is not permitted) but those who know me best know that I am not awfully good at sitting still. In between checking out all of the usual tourist haunts (this is… Continue reading Stop 5: New York/Pennsylvania

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Stop 4: Massachusettes

I have had the absolute pleasure of spending the weekend (and my birthday)  in beautiful Boston.  I have significantly increased my knowledge of American history and was fascinated to walk the Boston "Freedom Trail" that took me all the way from Boston Common to the USS Constitution.  Today, I braved the rainy weather and made… Continue reading Stop 4: Massachusettes

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Stop 3: Illinois

A couple of days ago I watched (again) the 2010 remake of Alice In Wonderland.  In the film, Alice is overwhelmed by everything she sees and experiences but reassures herself by telling herself, "it's all just a dream and I'll wake up soon".  She pinches herself on the arm many times to help herself return… Continue reading Stop 3: Illinois

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Stop 1: California

Firstly - Happy New Year! To those of you at home in Australia, it is already 2016, while I still have a couple of hours left in 2015. It is very strange to think that you are already in tomorrow!  This year has ended in a whirlwind for me - I can barely believe how… Continue reading Stop 1: California

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First Stop – Los Angeles, USA

So, I have safely arrived in sunny (bur surprisingly cold) LA after a long night inflight.  I have a couple of days sightseeing ahead of me before a whole series of meetings with some amazing LA fertility doctors, lawyers and counsellors.  I am so excited and privileged that these busy people are making time in… Continue reading First Stop – Los Angeles, USA