Surrogacy gone wrong

This UK court decision to grant the surrogate ongoing parental rights to the children born through gestational surrogacy highlights an arrangement where the conditions were wrong from the beginning.  If you are considering surrogacy, take care, accept advice and ensure that all parties genuinely understand what the expectations of the arrangement are.

Surrogacy and Child welfare

I was curious to read this article published this week  about surrogacy in the UK.  I was initially rather confronted by the tone of the article – it came across as rather “anti-surrogacy”. Having had a second read though, I can more clearly see the concern expressed by the author about the genuine risks associated with surrogacy… whenContinue reading “Surrogacy and Child welfare”

Fake “surrogate” jailed in the UK for fraud

This article examine the nightmare outcome for a UK couple desperate to have a family. The “surrogate” promised to help her IPs complete the family they had always dreamed of by being their paid surrogate. But the 25-year-old did not even fall pregnant – and concocted a cynical scheme that lasted for nearly a year, costing theContinue reading “Fake “surrogate” jailed in the UK for fraud”