Surrogacy in Mexico

A number of organisations (some of which directly profit from the provision of surrogacy services) are currently saying that surrogacy is legal for foreign nationals in all states of Mexico, except Tabasco.  This is kind-of true: in reality, it isn’t necessarily legal in these states, it just isn’t illegal.   Until recently, Tabasco was the “go-to”Continue reading “Surrogacy in Mexico”

2016 Reflections

A couple of days ago, a colleague asked what 2017 would hold for me, and I admitted I didn’t yet know.  Only 12 months ago I was still in the final crazy preparations for my Churchill Fellowship (at this stage I was in the countdown – 12 days until departure).  For most of this year,Continue reading “2016 Reflections”

Kiwi couple with “triplings” by surrogates, stuck in Mexico

This story is a very real version of how things can go wrong.  The couple have concurrently had 3 babies to 2 surrogates and are now stuck in Mexico, unable to get home

Stop 2: Mexico

Well, tonight I am supposed to be half way through the Mexican leg of my trip. But I am in Chicago. This was a REALLY tough decision.  I have spent many hours with my clients, encouraging them to take (safe) risks: to step outside of the everyday and experience something new. To feel the fearContinue reading “Stop 2: Mexico”

3 months until departure to investigate surrogacy in US, Mexico, Russia, India and Cambodia

It is now only 3 months until I depart on this incredible opportunity to investigate surrogacy around the world.  Last night I attended the Churchill Fellowship Medallion Evening, which gives returning Churchill Fellows a chance to share their experiences and tell the stories of what they have learned.  Last night, Fellows were asked to shareContinue reading “3 months until departure to investigate surrogacy in US, Mexico, Russia, India and Cambodia”