Surrogacy in India – what’s happening now?

Despite the 2016 legislative changes in Indian surrogacy, which have effectively prohibited foreigners from undertaking surrogacy arrangements in that country, it appears that little may have changed there, with some fertility centres still providing services illegally to foreign nationals, with the use of “surrogate houses”.  Putting aside the obvious ethical and social issues associated withContinue reading “Surrogacy in India – what’s happening now?”

2016 Reflections

A couple of days ago, a colleague asked what 2017 would hold for me, and I admitted I didn’t yet know.  Only 12 months ago I was still in the final crazy preparations for my Churchill Fellowship (at this stage I was in the countdown – 12 days until departure).  For most of this year,Continue reading “2016 Reflections”

Stop 7: India

My time in India ended up being a rather different-to-expected kind of adventure – I contracted a virus (probably on the flight from Russia, I suspect) and became quite ill with fevers, headaches and severe dehydration.  Unfortunately, as I was travelling alone, managing these symptoms was more difficult that usual and after being in IndiaContinue reading “Stop 7: India”

Nepal surrogacy standoff resolved but bigger issues remain

For numerous Australian families who have been unable to depart Nepal with their babies since new surrogacy laws were enforced there in August, this week has brought sighs of relief. On Wednesday, the news was announced the diplomatic negotiations have resolved the temporary situation and permission has been granted for these babies to leave, and travel toContinue reading “Nepal surrogacy standoff resolved but bigger issues remain”

Is it getting more risky to pursue surrogacy overseas?

The past couple of years have been incredibly torrid for Australian families who make the decision to travel overseas to find a surrogate.  There were massive changes in circumstances for families entering Thailand for this purpose, then circumstances began to shift in India.  Now at least a dozen families are waiting in Nepal to see ifContinue reading “Is it getting more risky to pursue surrogacy overseas?”

3 months until departure to investigate surrogacy in US, Mexico, Russia, India and Cambodia

It is now only 3 months until I depart on this incredible opportunity to investigate surrogacy around the world.  Last night I attended the Churchill Fellowship Medallion Evening, which gives returning Churchill Fellows a chance to share their experiences and tell the stories of what they have learned.  Last night, Fellows were asked to shareContinue reading “3 months until departure to investigate surrogacy in US, Mexico, Russia, India and Cambodia”