10 Australian families still stranded in Cambodia, with up to 50 babies yet to be born.

The completely foreseeable disaster of Cambodian surrogacy continues to unravel, with this article claiming that around Australian families are currently stranded in Cambodia with their infants, and up to 50 more surrogates are currently pregnant in Cambodia for Australian IPs. Cambodia has abruptly acted to end the practice of surrogacy in that country, but it appearsContinue reading “10 Australian families still stranded in Cambodia, with up to 50 babies yet to be born.”

2016 Reflections

A couple of days ago, a colleague asked what 2017 would hold for me, and I admitted I didn’t yet know.  Only 12 months ago I was still in the final crazy preparations for my Churchill Fellowship (at this stage I was in the countdown – 12 days until departure).  For most of this year,Continue reading “2016 Reflections”

Cambodia bans surrogacy pregnancy

The Cambodian Ministry of Health has today announced that surrogacy pregnancy is now banned in that country.  The Ministry has also banned a range of other procedures including sperm donation.  It remains unclear whether surrogacy providers will be granted a grace period to put in place alternative arrangements, or what the implications are for surrogacy arrangementsContinue reading “Cambodia bans surrogacy pregnancy”

Movement towards Cambodian surrogacy law?

After almost 2 years of surrogacy services being offered in a murky legal environment, it looks like the Cambodian Government might be making a move towards establishing a clearer legislative framework for the practice in that country.  Reports in the Cambodian local media today indicate that legislation may soon be drafted which would consider surrogacyContinue reading “Movement towards Cambodian surrogacy law?”

The Baby Gammy story continues

2 years after cross border surrogacy hit the spotlight with the story of Baby Gammy, there has been a development to the case in the Australian Family Court.  The case received a great deal of attention after it was suggested that the IPs abandoned Gammy in Thailand to their Thai surrogate, and returned to Australia withContinue reading “The Baby Gammy story continues”

“A greater onus of proof that a mother has consented”

Reports in today’s media are already predicting the outcomes of the ongoing federal government inquiry into surrogacy, suggesting that  Australian couples may be banned from accessing surrogates overseas in a bid to prevent the exploitation of vulnerable women.  Although the committee into surrogacy is only expected to hand down its findings to the government in the firstContinue reading ““A greater onus of proof that a mother has consented””