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Loving a person with BPD

I frequently find myself working with people who feels bewildered by the behaviour of their partner/daughter/mother/brother/friend.  When I dig a little deeper, although I am clearly not in a position to diagnose someone who is not in the room, it starts to become clear that the absent loved one has features of personality disorder.  Quite… Continue reading Loving a person with BPD

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Are you considering using a sperm donor?

If the answer is yes, it is critical that you understand the potential implications of using a known donor.  The risk of using a known donor, without a clearly defined donor (vs FATHER) relationship, have been recently and catastrophically demonstrated in this situation, where a woman (who does have a partner) has discovered she has… Continue reading Are you considering using a sperm donor?

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Know someone going through fertility treatment but don’t know how to help?

VARTA is a wonderful resource for families undertaking fertility treatment (including donor and surrogacy).  One of the great things they do is generate a whole load of really helpful information booklets and online information sources about everything fertility related.  Their website include information for families and friends of people going through fertility treatment - it… Continue reading Know someone going through fertility treatment but don’t know how to help?

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Transgender kids

This is the most beautiful story of a family adjusting to their son becoming their daughter.  The world is often intolerant of transgender people - perhaps as a result of fear or understanding, but I think that this video explains the transgender experience simply, and respectfully. Watching my son become my daughter.

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One Hundred Days of Darkness

Are you struggling with the early days of being a parent - you aren't alone! It is pretty widely acknowledged that the first 3 months or so with a new baby is seriously hard work - this article talks about the experience of surviving the first "100 dark days". It’s perfect, because it covers it… Continue reading One Hundred Days of Darkness

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Not Now, Not Ever

Did you know that the Not Now, Not Ever report into family and domestic violence recommended new legislative provisions for information sharing between government and non-government agencies?  These changes are designed to improve the safety of victims of domestic and family violence and better hold perpetrators to account (recommendation 78). Information sharing amendments to the Domestic… Continue reading Not Now, Not Ever

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Steps to effective relationship communication

We all know that the key to healthy long-lasting relationships is hardworking and good communication.  Just recently I have had a whole heap of people asking me for simple communication hints that they can use with their partner - not necessarily because anything is going wrong, but just because they want things to keep going… Continue reading Steps to effective relationship communication