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“When your mind races”

Dealing with scary thoughts in the peripartum can be really challenging.  Much thanks to Karen Kleiman for this extract from her book Dropping the Baby and Other Scary Thoughts, with ideas on how to manage those scary intrusive thoughts. Dealing with scary thoughts is not just a matter of willpower, as some claim. Although willpower… Continue reading “When your mind races”

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We psychologists do love to recommend a bit of gratitude journalling as part of our interventions.  The reasons for this is simple: the research clearly shows it helps.  Read more on how being grateful, and attending to our gratitude helps sooth our distressed minds

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The donor experience

Although this story is from an American site (so the information is not completely relevant to the Australian context) I still feel that it gives a good perspective on some of the unexpected reactions that may occur for a woman who decides to become an egg donor. Remember that in Australia, there is NO paid/compensated… Continue reading The donor experience

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Can we predict miscarriage risk?

A new study (with findings presented at the recent ESHRE conference) has suggested that blood tests within days of embryo transfer in IVF patients might help predict which patients are most likely to miscarry in  the first trimester.  While some people might prefer not to know, this could be a really important piece of information… Continue reading Can we predict miscarriage risk?

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Self care for workers in the helping professions

I am aware that quite a few regular readers of this blog are actually other helping professions, so I have decided it is timely to include some resources specifically for them.  Working as a counsellor can be tough too, and it is really important that we remember to take care of ourselves, even if only… Continue reading Self care for workers in the helping professions

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Marce Society Conference 2017

If you work in the area of perinatal mental health, don't miss this year's Marce Society in Brisbane in October. I am thrilled to announce that I will be presenting a paper based on the learnings I gained from my Churchill Fellowship into Cross border surrogacy, (and a little nervous as the standard of papers… Continue reading Marce Society Conference 2017

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Resource for solo mums

After yesterday's post about recent research that has shown the children of solo mums do no worse than those raised in heterosexual couples, it seemed timely to let you know about this new book: Dream Come True, The story of a single woman conceiving via donor conception. 

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The kids are all right

More and more single men and women are choosing to become parents alone, but this has raised questions at times about the potential harm to the children raised in these family unit.  A new study is debunking these fears, finding that children brought up by a single mother do not suffer compared to those from… Continue reading The kids are all right

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What should you expect from your fertility clinic?

Yesterday I shared a list of tips of how to get the most from your fertility care, as suggested by the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE). Today I would like to share another resource published by ESHRE which they view as the minimum standard of care you should expect to be getting… Continue reading What should you expect from your fertility clinic?

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Transgender kids

This is the most beautiful story of a family adjusting to their son becoming their daughter.  The world is often intolerant of transgender people - perhaps as a result of fear or understanding, but I think that this video explains the transgender experience simply, and respectfully. Watching my son become my daughter.