Solo mums and donor conception

I have been meeting more and more women deciding to have children on their own, using either IUI or IVF and accessing altruistically donated semen (generally through a clinic or sperm bank).  This is a reasonably straightforward process (at least in Queensland, where I live and work) from a medical perspective, but solo parenting undoubtablyContinue reading “Solo mums and donor conception”

Grief and infertility

This is a beautiful blog about the (often unrecognised) grief of infertility “We are mourning something intangible — what never was and what never will be. Because of this, it can also be difficult for others to grasp.”

Hidden costs of cross-border surrogacy

For any family contemplating surrogacy, either at home or overseas, it is critical that due consideration be given to medical costs associated with the pregnancy, and postpartum care of the infant (particularly if there is premature delivery or postpartum complications).  This complexity of this issue in the USA left my head spinning during my recentContinue reading “Hidden costs of cross-border surrogacy”

How Old is Too Old?

I have posted a few times about the potential for modern fertility treatment to raise the age at which people can become parents, and wondered what this might mean for future children. I have just watched last night’s Insight episode (SBS Australia) to see what perspectives are shared regarding Older Parents.  Interesting stuff, with the perspectivesContinue reading “How Old is Too Old?”

“More and More Australian Women are having children via sperm donation”

“More and more Australian women are having children via sperm donation, with the demand from single women doubling in the past five years.”  This SBS program explores the international 3rd party reproduction industry, but it is absolutely critical to gain implications counselling from an experienced fertility counsellor before embarking on this form of family creationContinue reading ““More and More Australian Women are having children via sperm donation””

What do you really know about your donor?

“Is my donor being truthful in their self-description?” “How can I REALLY know who my donor is?” These are very real concerns for families selecting anonymously donated eggs,sperm and embryos (particularly from the large egg or sperm banks).  This article describes the experiences of some families who really didn’t get what they thought they hadContinue reading “What do you really know about your donor?”

Aussies raiding superannuation millions to pay for IVF

I have noticed an increasing trend toward this amongst my clients, and today saw this article in The Age describing the growing number of Australians using their superannuation to pay for fertility treatment. “”It wasn’t that nagging voice in the back of her mind speaking this time. It was a doctor. He was saying thatContinue reading “Aussies raiding superannuation millions to pay for IVF”

Parents ignoring SIDS guidelines to avoid “flat head syndrome”

“One of the most common challenges facing new parents is the many pieces of health advice they receive. And a new study from the George Institute for Global Health at the University of Sydney has identified one area where conflicting advice may be putting their children at risk.” This article provides an interesting examination ofContinue reading “Parents ignoring SIDS guidelines to avoid “flat head syndrome””