40 per cent of cancer deaths preventable??!

Over 16,000 Australians are diagnosed with cancer each year, and many of these are due to risky behaviour and habits.  Unfortunately,  while many cancers are inevitable, a recent study has suggested that 40 per cent of cancer deaths were preventable. So what are Australians doing that is leading to premature death from cancer? The eight modifiable riskContinue reading “40 per cent of cancer deaths preventable??!”

Even more on food and mood

I know it probably looks like I am jumping on the “healthy gut bandwagon” but I just think that the evidence around healthy food and healthy mood is so strong it is worth another post.  Michael Mosley is doing a great job breaking down the information on gut health and this link even provides recipesContinue reading “Even more on food and mood”

Helping children create a healthy relationship with food

Earlier this week, I shared some developing research about the importance of healthy eating for emotional and physical health.  In the same vein, this article describes some straightforward strategies to help our children develop healthy attitudes towards food, and thereby reduce their risk of developing eating disorders and other mental health issues, and to maintain goodContinue reading “Helping children create a healthy relationship with food”