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More on the benefits of gratitude

I really like this article, which looks at the ongoing benefits of gratitude Gratitude is more than just "looking on the bright side": it is really a way to help refocus the way we examine the world we live in and the relationships we maintain. Being deliberately grateful can really help to maintain  psychological… Continue reading More on the benefits of gratitude


Holly Butcher’s letter

This has already been pretty widely shared in social media, but Holly's letter is so wise and so eloquent, I really wanted to share it here, particaulry as I am working through my year of gratitude.  Holly was a 27 year old Australian woman,  who passed away on Jan. 4 as a result of Ewing’s… Continue reading Holly Butcher’s letter

health, mental health

2018 – Commencing as I mean to go on – with Gratitude

Positive Psychology research has been demonstrating pretty clearly, for quite a while now, that there are significant benefits to engaging in a practice of showing gratitude.  It seems that these benefits are not just psychological, but also extend to our physical and social wellbeing.  Some of these benefits are described in this article  And… Continue reading 2018 – Commencing as I mean to go on – with Gratitude