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“When your mind races”

Dealing with scary thoughts in the peripartum can be really challenging.  Much thanks to Karen Kleiman for this extract from her book Dropping the Baby and Other Scary Thoughts, with ideas on how to manage those scary intrusive thoughts. Dealing with scary thoughts is not just a matter of willpower, as some claim. Although willpower… Continue reading “When your mind races”

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We psychologists do love to recommend a bit of gratitude journalling as part of our interventions.  The reasons for this is simple: the research clearly shows it helps.  Read more on how being grateful, and attending to our gratitude helps sooth our distressed minds

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Perinatal depression and anxiety – family and friends can help

Perinatal depression and anxiety is horribly common for new parents, but the condition is still really poorly understood by many in our community and often remains undiagnosed and untreated. Louise* is a mother of three children. When her second child was born, things just didn't feel right from the moment she left hospital. "My daughter… Continue reading Perinatal depression and anxiety – family and friends can help

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Even more on food and mood

I know it probably looks like I am jumping on the "healthy gut bandwagon" but I just think that the evidence around healthy food and healthy mood is so strong it is worth another post.  Michael Mosley is doing a great job breaking down the information on gut health and this link even provides recipes… Continue reading Even more on food and mood

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You’ve had a baby. How are you really doing?

Every day I talk to new mums and dads bravely (or perhaps desperately) putting on a brave face and trying to appear like all is "fine" to the outside world, no matter how badly they might be feeling inside.  It appears to be such a taboo to be anything but happy and filled with love… Continue reading You’ve had a baby. How are you really doing?

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PANDA’s new website launched

If you haven't already heard about PANDA, they are one of those amazing organisations that just tick away in the background providing incredible services to women and couples in the context of perinatal anxiety and depression.  They have just launched their brand new website, filled with great resources for women, partners, and families, as well… Continue reading PANDA’s new website launched

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Parenthood and sleep deprivation

Anyone who has had the experience of having a brand new baby in the house will remember the agony of those first 6 or so weeks where you are so totally sleep deprived you spend most of the time feeling like you are having an out of body experience.  For most new parents you just… Continue reading Parenthood and sleep deprivation

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Mindfulness and self esteem

Have you been feeling like your self esteem is not quite as robust as you would like? Recent research has been suggesting that mindfulness can play a part in building a more positive self esteem by reducing the degree to which we compare ourselves (critically) to those around us. Read more about this research here.

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More on mental illness and stigma

I just watched the most beautiful piece of television - an interview between Anh Do and Kurt Fearnley, where these 2 engaging, positive men talked about Kurt's incredible life and his sporting achievements.  They also discussed some of the stigma he has experienced as a man living with a mobility disability. This stunning interview got… Continue reading More on mental illness and stigma

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Let’s talk about mental illness

Its been an interesting few weeks at work for me as I have encountered a few friends and family of clients who still don't seem to believe that mental illness is real.  After all these years as a psychologist, I really do still find it astonishing that some people still seem to put depression and… Continue reading Let’s talk about mental illness