What’s it really like to be a surrogate?

For many people, it seems incredible to imagine that a woman can be a gestational surrogate - that she is able to carry the pregnancy to term, tolerate the morning sickness, interrupted sleep, aches and pains etc, and then after 9 months, voluntarily hand that baby over to another person/couple.  But a significant number of… Continue reading What’s it really like to be a surrogate?


Personal genetic testing and the implications for the donor conception community

This provides an incredibly interesting perspective for the future of anonymity in donor conception.  Anyone contemplating either becoming a donor, or having a child via donor conception, who believes that donor conceived people can (or should) be kept "in the dark" about their biological identity should consider the implications of genetic testing in the broader… Continue reading Personal genetic testing and the implications for the donor conception community

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Time to rethink losing weight, and refocus on being healthy?

Many of us focus heavily on weight loss as a goal - but there is debate over whether or not this is the best way to be thinking.  An increasing number of experts are now encouraging a focus on health, rather than weight.     This article from the ABC describes more on what we… Continue reading Time to rethink losing weight, and refocus on being healthy?


Happy 25th Birthday Donor Conception Network

The Donor Conception Network has been going strong for an incredible 25 years – congratulations for 1/4 century of amazing information and support for donor conceived families


January is over and I find it hard to believe that I have not blogged for many weeks.  A virus that wouldn’t shift blocked my capacity to think for much of that time but now that my energy is returning it really is time to celebrate 2018 as the 25th Anniversary of the Donor Conception Network.

Back in 1992 an article appeared in The Times about a story book for young children called My Story.  Walter and I could hardly believe what we were reading.  A book that we could read to our children to help explain to them about being conceived with the help of a sperm donor!  We contacted Dr. Sheila Cooke from the Jessop Hospital for Women in Sheffield to ask how we could get hold of the book and also to offer ourselves in any research that was being undertaken into DC families (although sperm donation…

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How are you going with those New year resolutions?

New Year Resolutions are tough to maintain aren't they?  Most of us have already "dropped the ball" on the promises we make ourselves by the end of January.  And most of us then blame ourselves for poor willpower etc.  But is that really the reason it's so hard to keep the promises we make ourselves?… Continue reading How are you going with those New year resolutions?


Churchill Fellowship Medallion Award night

Have you been thinking of applying for a Churchill Fellowship? Would you like to come along and hear what the recently returned Fellows discovered as a result of their Fellowships?  Come join us at this year's Churchill Fellowship Queensland Association Medallion Award night! It's great night of food and wine, hosted at the Queensland State… Continue reading Churchill Fellowship Medallion Award night


Thousands of Queenslanders given early access to superannuation on medical compassionate grounds

More and more Australians are seeking to fund their medical care, including IVF, by accessing superannuation.  I wonder what this will mean when the current generation reaches retirement age? http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/thousands-of-queenslanders-given-early-access-to-superannuation-on-medical-compassionate-grounds/news-story/83c85ea9a9de456a87bffed49cb3bfd4