A male biological clock?

Most of us now accept that women definitely have a biological clock and female fertility is not finite.  But did you know, that male fertility ALSO declines with age? This article explains http://www.sciencealert.com/men-experience-their-own-biological-clock-ivf-study-shows 


Churchill Fellowship Medallion Award night

Have you been thinking of applying for a Churchill Fellowship? Would you like to come along and hear what the recently returned Fellows discovered as a result of their Fellowships?  Come join us at this year's Churchill Fellowship Queensland Association Medallion Award night! It's great night of food and wine, hosted at the Queensland State… Continue reading Churchill Fellowship Medallion Award night


Thousands of Queenslanders given early access to superannuation on medical compassionate grounds

More and more Australians are seeking to fund their medical care, including IVF, by accessing superannuation.  I wonder what this will mean when the current generation reaches retirement age? http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/thousands-of-queenslanders-given-early-access-to-superannuation-on-medical-compassionate-grounds/news-story/83c85ea9a9de456a87bffed49cb3bfd4


Great news! Extended hours for PANDA

What great news! A bonus in funding means that PANDA is now available to provide longer hours of telephone support counselling for women and their families during the perinatal period. PANDA’s National Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Helpline is now open from 9am – 7.30 pm AEST. This is a 50% increase in operating hours. The… Continue reading Great news! Extended hours for PANDA


When fertility treatment is unsuccessful

For most people who undertake fertility treatment, the hard work, the physical and emotional burden, and the financial cost is ultimately worthwhile, because they get to bring a baby home. For some though, all that hard work produces no result at all, and they eventually end their journey depleted and childless. Unfortunately, there is generally… Continue reading When fertility treatment is unsuccessful


Looking for help with parenting in the early years?

Check out Babies in Mind - a Free online course for parents and professionals which has been developed by the University of Warwick, and is being offered through the free online course coordinator FutureLearn.   Babies in Mind is a 4-week online course and the next start date for the program is just next week: 24… Continue reading Looking for help with parenting in the early years?

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Positive surrogacy perspectives

The VARTA website is a goldmine for resources and personal stories of families undertaking fertility treatment, including donor conception and surrogacy. One of my absolute favourites is this one, which provides an opportunity for 3 members of the one family to tell their surrogacy stories - the child, the mum and the surrogate.  I have… Continue reading Positive surrogacy perspectives