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Positive surrogacy perspectives

The VARTA website is a goldmine for resources and personal stories of families undertaking fertility treatment, including donor conception and surrogacy. One of my absolute favourites is this one, which provides an opportunity for 3 members of the one family to tell their surrogacy stories - the child, the mum and the surrogate.  I have… Continue reading Positive surrogacy perspectives

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Single mums and donor conception

This is a really interesting perspective on single motherhood, from a woman who had her first child in a relationship that later failed, but was left feeling she wasn't "done" having kids.  She blogs about the decision making process required to have another child, outside of a relationship, and using a sperm donor. http://www.ellamentalmama.com/thinking-about-becoming-a-single-mum-by-choice/ When I… Continue reading Single mums and donor conception

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Resources for children to explain fertility treatment

Have you been looking for resources to explain IVF, donor conception or surrogacy to your child?  There is an ever growing number of really great story books for kids of all ages, about all aspects of fertility treatment, including 3rd party reproduction.  Here is a new one designed for young children to explain surrogacy http://booksfordonoroffspring.blogspot.com.au/2017/03/pennys-pocket-tale-about-bringing.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+DonorOffspringBooksForChildren+%28Donor+Offspring+%3A+Books+for+Children%29

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Egg freezing – facts vs fiction

Egg freezing really is being seen by many women as their "fertility guarantee". This article smashes some of the big myths surrounding  egg freezing, but I think the 2 main things to remember are: if you are going to preserve your eggs, try to do it before turning 35, and remember - it isn't really… Continue reading Egg freezing – facts vs fiction

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Cambodia bans surrogacy pregnancy

The Cambodian Ministry of Health has today announced that surrogacy pregnancy is now banned in that country.  The Ministry has also banned a range of other procedures including sperm donation.  It remains unclear whether surrogacy providers will be granted a grace period to put in place alternative arrangements, or what the implications are for surrogacy arrangements… Continue reading Cambodia bans surrogacy pregnancy

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Mental Health Week 2016

Did you now that this is Mental Health Week.  Taking care of our mental and emotional wellbeing is always important, but this week there is a chance to ask ourselves "am I ok?" This is particularly important when we are going through the stress of infertility and its treatment, and also during the postpartum time.… Continue reading Mental Health Week 2016

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We all get stressed – here are some great tips for feeling better

The Australian Psychological Society has just released a great new website packed with info and advice and here is my article pick for today - simply strategies for managing stress. Enjoy :)https://psychlopaedia.org/top-tips/tips-manage-stress/


Differing opinions

About 12 years ago, I was undertaking a donor implications counselling session with a couple who needed donated eggs.  It wasn't too long after RTAC had altered guidelines for practice regarding third party reproduction in Australia, and as a result, clinics were no longer providing anonymously donated eggs, sperm and embryos.  Counselling focused clearly  on… Continue reading Differing opinions