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Mindfulness and self esteem

Have you been feeling like your self esteem is not quite as robust as you would like? Recent research has been suggesting that mindfulness can play a part in building a more positive self esteem by reducing the degree to which we compare ourselves (critically) to those around us. Read more about this research here.

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Who is most stressed? Married or single women?

Yep, you guessed it, married women with children are much more likely to be experiencing higher levels of stress than their single childless friends, but there are some simple things you can do about it.  This short article by the American Psychological Society gives the following tips: Strategies to help mothers manage stress: Understand how… Continue reading Who is most stressed? Married or single women?

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More on mental illness and stigma

I just watched the most beautiful piece of television - an interview between Anh Do and Kurt Fearnley, where these 2 engaging, positive men talked about Kurt's incredible life and his sporting achievements.  They also discussed some of the stigma he has experienced as a man living with a mobility disability. This stunning interview got… Continue reading More on mental illness and stigma

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Let’s talk about mental illness

Its been an interesting few weeks at work for me as I have encountered a few friends and family of clients who still don't seem to believe that mental illness is real.  After all these years as a psychologist, I really do still find it astonishing that some people still seem to put depression and… Continue reading Let’s talk about mental illness

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Food and Mood

Our understanding of the link between what we eat and how we feel is really not new  (and I have previously posted about the food-mood link), but this article clearly describes some of the recent research findings in this area.  I like these simple "rules" for eating that may assist with managing anxiety and depression… Continue reading Food and Mood

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The impact of stress

The following article isn't specifically related to fertility treatment, but does provide some extra insight into how our body is impacted by high chronic levels of stress. As time goes by, we are learning more and more about the mechanisms that cause us to become unwell, and this research helps describe the connection between stress and… Continue reading The impact of stress

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Violence and the media

I really appreciated this article which justifiably criticises the persistently abominable way in which violence and abuse (particularly against women and children) is portrayed in the media.  The abuse of vulnerable people should never EVER be an opportunity for media clickbait and titillation.  Until the media and our society takes this issue seriously, we are… Continue reading Violence and the media

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Infertility and psychological distress

I have just seen this article (published in July 2016's Fertility and Sterility) which describes the level of distress still being experienced by families undertaking fertility treatment. It really looks like we are letting families down, as they progress through treatment with the goal of starting or extending heir families. The study, which followed patients… Continue reading Infertility and psychological distress

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Mental Health Week 2016

Did you now that this is Mental Health Week.  Taking care of our mental and emotional wellbeing is always important, but this week there is a chance to ask ourselves "am I ok?" This is particularly important when we are going through the stress of infertility and its treatment, and also during the postpartum time.… Continue reading Mental Health Week 2016

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We all get stressed – here are some great tips for feeling better

The Australian Psychological Society has just released a great new website packed with info and advice and here is my article pick for today - simply strategies for managing stress. Enjoy :)