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Egg freezing – facts vs fiction

Egg freezing really is being seen by many women as their "fertility guarantee". This article smashes some of the big myths surrounding  egg freezing, but I think the 2 main things to remember are: if you are going to preserve your eggs, try to do it before turning 35, and remember - it isn't really… Continue reading Egg freezing – facts vs fiction

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Diets, weight and mood

Yesterday I attended a fantastic professional development day on eating disorders - I left the session feeling energised and much better equipped to manage my clients who present with eating/weight issues and eating disorders.  I only only to wait a few hours today to put my new knowledge into action as a brave client admitted… Continue reading Diets, weight and mood

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Rape and DV crisis service on the line

It makes me so angry to see great services pushed beyond their limits then criticised because they aren't doing a good enough job. And then, just to make things worse, the same services are left in a position where their funding is threatened.  And who loses? Vulnerable people - mostly women and children - who… Continue reading Rape and DV crisis service on the line

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10 Australian families still stranded in Cambodia, with up to 50 babies yet to be born.

The completely foreseeable disaster of Cambodian surrogacy continues to unravel, with this article claiming that around Australian families are currently stranded in Cambodia with their infants, and up to 50 more surrogates are currently pregnant in Cambodia for Australian IPs. Cambodia has abruptly acted to end the practice of surrogacy in that country, but it appears… Continue reading 10 Australian families still stranded in Cambodia, with up to 50 babies yet to be born.

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Good news the future of womankind

Considering all of the terrible and sad stories that have recently peppered the news, I think this is the most wonderful thing I have seen in... well, almost forever.  This gorgeous 22 month old girl wanted to make and carry her very own sign for a Women's March in North Carolina on the weekend.  I… Continue reading Good news the future of womankind

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The impact of stress

The following article isn't specifically related to fertility treatment, but does provide some extra insight into how our body is impacted by high chronic levels of stress.  http://www.bbc.com/news/health-38584975 As time goes by, we are learning more and more about the mechanisms that cause us to become unwell, and this research helps describe the connection between stress and… Continue reading The impact of stress

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The impact of fertility treatment on relationships

Those who have been down the infertility treatment path will know the impact that this treatment can have on relationships - at a physical, emotional and sexual level. This article provides some a really good insights into  the potential impacts on relationships for those negotiating the ups... and downs.... of assisted reproduction.  Recognising that things are… Continue reading The impact of fertility treatment on relationships

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Surrogacy and Child welfare

I was curious to read this article https://www.theguardian.com/social-care-network/social-life-blog/2016/dec/14/what-social-workers-need-to-know-about-surrogacy published this week  about surrogacy in the UK.  I was initially rather confronted by the tone of the article - it came across as rather "anti-surrogacy". Having had a second read though, I can more clearly see the concern expressed by the author about the genuine risks associated with surrogacy... when… Continue reading Surrogacy and Child welfare

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Violence and the media

I really appreciated this article which justifiably criticises the persistently abominable way in which violence and abuse (particularly against women and children) is portrayed in the media.  The abuse of vulnerable people should never EVER be an opportunity for media clickbait and titillation.  Until the media and our society takes this issue seriously, we are… Continue reading Violence and the media

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2016 Reflections

A couple of days ago, a colleague asked what 2017 would hold for me, and I admitted I didn't yet know.  Only 12 months ago I was still in the final crazy preparations for my Churchill Fellowship (at this stage I was in the countdown - 12 days until departure).  For most of this year,… Continue reading 2016 Reflections