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Narelle Dickinson, Clinical and Health Psychologist

What role is there for Epigenetics in donor conception?

Many potential mums who are considering family creation through oocyte (egg) donation fell quite anxious that they are no more than a “third wheel” to their future child – that biology might somehow “trump” motherhood.  Often when I am talking to these women, I mention the emerging field of epigenetics, which, put simple, is the effect that nurture can have on nature.  I have just discovered this wonderful website which explains epigenetics really clearly http://www.beginbeforebirth.org/the-science/epigenetics and even has a cool video to explain the action of the process http://www.beginbeforebirth.org/for-schools/films#epigenetics.  I suspect that the years ahead will reveal just how much input a mother has on her developing baby, even if there is a genetic donor.Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 9.56.23 am.png