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Not Now, Not Ever

Did you know that the Not Now, Not Ever report into family and domestic violence recommended new legislative provisions for information sharing between government and non-government agencies?  These changes are designed to improve the safety of victims of domestic and family violence and better hold perpetrators to account (recommendation 78). Information sharing amendments to the DomesticContinue reading “Not Now, Not Ever”

Domestic Violence and the Queensland Court system

If you struggle to understand the complexities of family and domestic violence legislation, you aren’t alone – for many people living with violence in their intimate relationships, it can feel too hard to understand the system to reach out and get help.  So, congratulations to the Queensland Courts website for putting together this series ofContinue reading “Domestic Violence and the Queensland Court system”

Who are the perpetrators of domestic violence?

Well to be honest, DV offenders don’t look much different to anyone else – and they might be living very near you.  This is a very uncomfortable and confronting video from men who were previously violent towards their  partners but have gone through offender programs and now want to change the culture of violence.  WeContinue reading “Who are the perpetrators of domestic violence?”

“Why doesn’t she/he just leave?”

The question is asked by so many about the women and men who are victims of domestic violence  – “why doesn’t she (or he) just leave?” The image above is a graphic answer to the question and this story https://inews.co.uk/opinion/comment/next-time-wonder-doesnt-just-leave-remember-picture/ describes the terror experienced by some women and men who live with violent partners.

Rape and DV crisis service on the line

It makes me so angry to see great services pushed beyond their limits then criticised because they aren’t doing a good enough job. And then, just to make things worse, the same services are left in a position where their funding is threatened.  And who loses? Vulnerable people – mostly women and children – whoContinue reading “Rape and DV crisis service on the line”

Violence and the media

I really appreciated this article which justifiably criticises the persistently abominable way in which violence and abuse (particularly against women and children) is portrayed in the media.  The abuse of vulnerable people should never EVER be an opportunity for media clickbait and titillation.  Until the media and our society takes this issue seriously, we areContinue reading “Violence and the media”