What role is there for Epigenetics in donor conception?

Many potential mums who are considering family creation through oocyte (egg) donation fell quite anxious that they are no more than a “third wheel” to their future child – that biology might somehow “trump” motherhood.  Often when I am talking to these women, I mention the emerging field of epigenetics, which, put simple, is the effect that nurture can have on nature.  I have just discovered this wonderful website which explains epigenetics really clearly http://www.beginbeforebirth.org/the-science/epigenetics and even has a cool video to explain the action of the process http://www.beginbeforebirth.org/for-schools/films#epigenetics.  I suspect that the years ahead will reveal just how much input a mother has on her developing baby, even if there is a genetic donor.Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 9.56.23 am.png

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