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How many families could be created from 24 embryos

A Sydney woman who undertook fertility treatment in the USA using donated eggs and sperm is donating her 24 surplus embryos to childless families here and in the UK.  A number of other children have already been born from these embryos, and it is expected that ultimately, there could be as many as 10  donor siblings (“diblings”) being raised in at least 5 different families.

I am pleased that the mum at the centre of this “social experiment” has requested that all families stay in touch to ensure that these children have an opportunity to maintain a relationship with each other, but I do wonder what the outcome of such a large number of intertwined families might be for the children as they move towards adulthood.

Australia is one of very few countries which insists that donor identity be disclosed to donor conceived children, and this rule exists for the wellbeing of the child.  It is unclear if donor disclosure will be possible in this instance, as the eggs and sperm were were provided by US donors.  It is positive that all the children born will still be able to at least have contact with each other (assuming that each family complies with the original mum’s request for ongoing contact).

What is your view on an arrangement such as this?

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