Churchill Fellowship Medallion Award night


Have you been thinking of applying for a Churchill Fellowship? Would you like to come along and hear what the recently returned Fellows discovered as a result of their Fellowships?  Come join us at this year’s Churchill Fellowship Queensland Association Medallion Award night!

It’s great night of food and wine, hosted at the Queensland State library, overlooking our beautiful Brisbane River.  As a special bonus, the Medallion night is hosted on Riverfire Night so you get a front row seat to the Fireworks show – and this year, you can come along and hear me feedback about my Fellowship!

Fiona Hawthorne, President of the Queensland Churchill Fellowship Association says,

I am thrilled to announce that the always popular Medallion event is being held again this year on September 30.
This event is an opportunity for newly returned Fellows to discuss their Fellowship, and receive their medallion. We have also organised a small, but very impressive fireworks display to say well done.
Its also an opportunity for any potential Fellows to come along, meet current fellows, and members for the WCMT.
This event coincides with Riverfire, and is held at the State Library so you are ensured of a front row seat for the display.
Children and friends are very welcome.
This is a very popular event, and will sell out.

Ticket costs:

  • New Medallion recipients   $nil
  • CFAQ Committee members $70
  • Adults                                $75
  • 5-17yr                                $15
  • 0-4yr                                  $nil
Bookings are essential, and can be done via the link below:

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