Support is available after diagnosis of abnormality in pregnancy

I am incredibly excited to announce the launch of our new website providing information and support to women and couples who have had abnormalities detected in pregnancy.  This website helps guide you through the decision making process of whether or not to continue the pregnancy.  For those who do choose to terminate, further support andContinue reading “Support is available after diagnosis of abnormality in pregnancy”

I’m on the radio with Kelly Higgins Devine!

So excited to be on ABC Radio “Afternoons” with Kelly Higgins Devine today.  Kelly is talking about caring for carers this week, and today I was interviewed about how we can care for people who have recently experienced a pregnancy loss.  My interview starts at 4:00 minutes into today’s program – here is the linkContinue reading “I’m on the radio with Kelly Higgins Devine!”

Churchill Fellowship Medallion Award night

Have you been thinking of applying for a Churchill Fellowship? Would you like to come along and hear what the recently returned Fellows discovered as a result of their Fellowships?  Come join us at this year’s Churchill Fellowship Queensland Association Medallion Award night! It’s great night of food and wine, hosted at the Queensland StateContinue reading “Churchill Fellowship Medallion Award night”

How to help a new mother after a traumatic birth

The experience of a traumatic birth can be terrifying, and for some women it will take quit some time to recover physically and emotionally.  This article gives some simple and sensible tips for how to help a mother who has just experienced a traumatic birth 1. Validate her feelings and just hear her outContinue reading “How to help a new mother after a traumatic birth”

Pregnancy after miscarriage

If you have had a miscarriage and are thinking about trying to fall pregnant again, it can be a really scary time.  Most people become quite preoccupied with worries like “what if it happens again?”. This article by the Mayo Clinic explains the causes of most miscarriages, and reassures us that the majority of womenContinue reading “Pregnancy after miscarriage”

Trying to conceive again after losing a baby

The loss of a child during pregnancy or in the postpartum is an unspeakably difficult event that can trigger a range of responses.  For some, there is an urge to conceive again as soon as possible.  But how do you know when you are ready to start trying again? While my husband and I wereContinue reading “Trying to conceive again after losing a baby”

Feeling frazzled? Adults need to work on resilience too.

  We spend a lot of time focusing on building resilience in kids, but the truth is, we all need to focus on ways to grow and protect our resilience.  This NY Times article describes some simple strategies that can help Here are some of the ways you can build your resilience in middle age.Continue reading “Feeling frazzled? Adults need to work on resilience too.”

Thousands of Queenslanders given early access to superannuation on medical compassionate grounds

More and more Australians are seeking to fund their medical care, including IVF, by accessing superannuation.  I wonder what this will mean when the current generation reaches retirement age?

The power of rituals

When we grieve, we can feel the we lose all track of time and reality.  The smallest and simplest of tasks can feel impossibly difficult. Finding and engaging in simple rituals can really help. Researchers Michael I. Norton and Francesca Gino at Harvard Business School wanted to know how people cope with extreme loss. InContinue reading “The power of rituals”

“When your mind races”

Dealing with scary thoughts in the peripartum can be really challenging.  Much thanks to Karen Kleiman for this extract from her book Dropping the Baby and Other Scary Thoughts, with ideas on how to manage those scary intrusive thoughts. Dealing with scary thoughts is not just a matter of willpower, as some claim. Although willpowerContinue reading ““When your mind races””