When fertility treatment is unsuccessful

423C9A0000000578-4687506-image-a-11_1499821945667For most people who undertake fertility treatment, the hard work, the physical and emotional burden, and the financial cost is ultimately worthwhile, because they get to bring a baby home. For some though, all that hard work produces no result at all, and they eventually end their journey depleted and childless. Unfortunately, there is generally very little professional support for these individuals, and minimal understanding from family and friends about how this experience feels.

I am sharing this blog by Carly who describes reaching the end of 8 years of fertility treatment without a positive outcome, and do hope that this increases the understanding for other couples in the same circumstance. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4687506/The-rarely-told-story-failed-IVF-journey.html

‘Our lives have turned from bright to black in an instant.’

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