How much sleep does your baby need?

baby sleep

If there are 2 questions that torment new parents more than any other, they must be:

1) is my baby getting enough to eat?

2) is my baby getting enough sleep?

Particularly when we are trying to function on a sleep defunct ourselves during that newborn stage, it can be really hard to work out whether or not our baby is sleeping enough, and the baby books seem to give almost completely contradictory advice – it’s enough to send a new parent totally around the twist.  This article certainly doesn’t contain all the answers but it does have a bit of guide regarding how much sleep your baby needs as he/she moves through those early years.  Regarding the settling strategies – there is so much advice out there, your best method is to listen to it all and try to work out what feels right for you.  There is NO one size fits all, it has to be right for you, your baby and the wider family you live in.


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