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I know I share a lot of articles and information on this blog – because that’s the primary reason I started it. But this morning I thought it might be nice to make it a little more personal and show that (at least some of the time) I do try to practice what I preach.  And on a terribly sad day, with yet another terror attack in the news, I really felt the need to get out there and engage in some mindfulness practice and also get some exercise.  So here I am, after my morning coffee and an hour into a walk around my local suburb with one of my beautiful girls (this is Bella, she’s 8, my other dog was too busy playing to get into the photo).  And for those of you in far away places, in Brisbane at the moment, we are in winter, and yes, even though it is 8am at the time I took the photo, it is a stunning day, about 20degrees celsius, and yes, I am just wearing a t-shirt, no jumper.  I was able to sit in the park near my house and take this photo and feel safe.  I have a lot to feel grateful for.gratitude

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