Positive surrogacy perspectives

The VARTA website is a goldmine for resources and personal stories of families undertaking fertility treatment, including donor conception and surrogacy. One of my absolute favourites is this one, which provides an opportunity for 3 members of the one family to tell their surrogacy stories – the child, the mum and the surrogate.  I haveContinue reading “Positive surrogacy perspectives”

Surrogacy legal checklist

This resource has been around for a little while now, but it doesn’t stop it being incredibly helpful for anyone exploring the option of undertaking a domestic surrogacy arrangement.  This checklist really helps you to consider the legal issues of any surrogacy arrangement to be undertaken at home – it certainly doesn’t replace legal advice,Continue reading “Surrogacy legal checklist”

Who is most stressed? Married or single women?

Yep, you guessed it, married women with children are much more likely to be experiencing higher levels of stress than their single childless friends, but there are some simple things you can do about it.  This short article by the American Psychological Society gives the following tips: http://www.apa.org/helpcenter/supermom.aspx Strategies to help mothers manage stress: Understand howContinue reading “Who is most stressed? Married or single women?”

More on mental illness and stigma

I just watched the most beautiful piece of television – an interview between Anh Do and Kurt Fearnley, where these 2 engaging, positive men talked about Kurt’s incredible life and his sporting achievements.  They also discussed some of the stigma he has experienced as a man living with a mobility disability.  http://iview.abc.net.au/programs/anhs-brush-with-fame This stunning interview gotContinue reading “More on mental illness and stigma”

Let’s talk about mental illness

Its been an interesting few weeks at work for me as I have encountered a few friends and family of clients who still don’t seem to believe that mental illness is real.  After all these years as a psychologist, I really do still find it astonishing that some people still seem to put depression andContinue reading “Let’s talk about mental illness”

What exactly is Positive Psychology?

Some people think the key to feeling better is just ‘Thinking happy thoughts’ but we know it really isn’tthat simple. Positive Psychology however has a whole range of helpful strategies which can assist in preventing mental illness as well as helping us to recover if we do become unwell.  http://www.sbs.com.au/topics/life/health/article/2017/05/24/what-exactly-positive-psychology-and-how-can-you-use-it

Food and Mood

Our understanding of the link between what we eat and how we feel is really not new  (and I have previously posted about the food-mood link), but this article clearly describes some of the recent research findings in this area.  I like these simple “rules” for eating that may assist with managing anxiety and depressionContinue reading “Food and Mood”

Bioengineering breakthrough for fertility preservation

It sounds like science fiction, but this just might be a breakthrough for fertility preservation. Wow! Scientists have used 3D-printed ovaries to successfully restore fertility for the first time in what they call “the holy grail of bioengineering for regenerative medicine”. A female mouse’s ovaries were removed and replaced with 3D printed bioprosthetic ones usingContinue reading “Bioengineering breakthrough for fertility preservation”