Surrogacy in Mexico

I have recently noticed that a number of organisations (many of which would profit from ongoing provision of surrogacy arrangements in Mexico) are crowing that surrogacy is still legal for foreign nationals in all but 1 Mexican state. What they are saying is true, but it is really important to keep this in perspective. The one state where surrogacy is illegal for foreigners – Tabasco State – was previously the epicentre for surrogacy in Mexico.  Those in the know knew it was coming, but for most (including the families who have subsequently been effected) the change in legalisation regarding surrogacy arrangements was abrupt and catastrophic.  Many families have been caught up in  situation which is becoming all too familiar in cross border surrogacy: pregnancies are underway, or babies have been born, but legislation prevents those surrogacy arrangements from being finalised and are parents unable to take their babies home.

As I read this article on the current situation for Mexican surrogacy, I wondered 2 things. Firstly, what sorts of conditions could anyone reasonably expect for a surrogacy pregnancy, in a place described as a

“state where the oil industry has shed thousands of jobs, and the unemployment rate, at over 7 percent, is the highest in Mexico.“There are no opportunities here.”

Secondly, I wondered how desperate to have a baby must a person be, to take these risks with surrogacy elsewhere in Mexico.

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