Surrogacy in Mexico

I have recently noticed that a number of organisations (many of which would profit from ongoing provision of surrogacy arrangements in Mexico) are crowing that surrogacy is still legal for foreign nationals in all but 1 Mexican state. What they are saying is true, but it is really important to keep this in perspective. The oneContinue reading “Surrogacy in Mexico”

Families can sue sperm bank company for negligence

This recent USA case raises some incredibly important issues about the level of screening undertaken on potential egg and sperm donors, and the consequences for recipient families and children when the donor physical/medical/psychological screening is not done properly.

“Why doesn’t she/he just leave?”

The question is asked by so many about the women and men who are victims of domestic violence  – “why doesn’t she (or he) just leave?” The image above is a graphic answer to the question and this story describes the terror experienced by some women and men who live with violent partners.

Surrogacy gone wrong

This UK court decision to grant the surrogate ongoing parental rights to the children born through gestational surrogacy highlights an arrangement where the conditions were wrong from the beginning.  If you are considering surrogacy, take care, accept advice and ensure that all parties genuinely understand what the expectations of the arrangement are.

Grief and infertility

This is a beautiful blog about the (often unrecognised) grief of infertility “We are mourning something intangible — what never was and what never will be. Because of this, it can also be difficult for others to grasp.”

The (overly) complex world of domestic surrogacy

This article from the weekend West Australian newspaper discusses the complexity of domestic surrogacy, and how this is serving as a disincentive for people to find a surrogate within Australia. In my view it is complete madness to create a system which actually makes people view cross border surrogacy as being the easiest choice, andContinue reading “The (overly) complex world of domestic surrogacy”

Single mums and donor conception

This is a really interesting perspective on single motherhood, from a woman who had her first child in a relationship that later failed, but was left feeling she wasn’t “done” having kids.  She blogs about the decision making process required to have another child, outside of a relationship, and using a sperm donor. When IContinue reading “Single mums and donor conception”