Resources for children to explain fertility treatment

Have you been looking for resources to explain IVF, donor conception or surrogacy to your child?  There is an ever growing number of really great story books for kids of all ages, about all aspects of fertility treatment, including 3rd party reproduction.  Here is a new one designed for young children to explain surrogacy

Surrogacy in Mexico

A number of organisations (some of which directly profit from the provision of surrogacy services) are currently saying that surrogacy is legal for foreign nationals in all states of Mexico, except Tabasco.  This is kind-of true: in reality, it isn’t necessarily legal in these states, it just isn’t illegal.   Until recently, Tabasco was the “go-to”Continue reading “Surrogacy in Mexico”

Parenthood myths

This article is a somewhat lighthearted departure for me, but I do think it exemplifies some of the mythical expectations new parents hold when they are preparing to bring a baby home. Can you identify with any of these?

Exit strategy for surrogacy families stuck in Cambodia?

The legal nightmare of Cambodian surrogacy continues, but it appears that a breakthrough might be approaching. The Cambodia Daily newspaper reported last month that work was being undertaken to expedite a strategy to permit families to leave Cambodia with the babies born through surrogacy.  Information on how this is developing seems pretty thin on theContinue reading “Exit strategy for surrogacy families stuck in Cambodia?”

Helping children create a healthy relationship with food

Earlier this week, I shared some developing research about the importance of healthy eating for emotional and physical health.  In the same vein, this article describes some straightforward strategies to help our children develop healthy attitudes towards food, and thereby reduce their risk of developing eating disorders and other mental health issues, and to maintain goodContinue reading “Helping children create a healthy relationship with food”

Rainbow family creation

The longer I work in the world of donor conception and surrogacy, the more and more versions of family I get to see. A favourite part of my job is meeting people who would have never been able to have children and build their family, without the help of third party reproduction.  I love that inContinue reading “Rainbow family creation”

WCMT Roadshow

I had so much fun last Monday night presenting a brief summary of my 2015 Churchill Fellowship to a big crowd of potential  2017 applicants.  If you are thinking of applying to your own “experience of a lifetime” you’d better hurry, as applications close soon – good luck and bon voyage!

Egg freezing – facts vs fiction

Egg freezing really is being seen by many women as their “fertility guarantee”. This article smashes some of the big myths surrounding  egg freezing, but I think the 2 main things to remember are: if you are going to preserve your eggs, try to do it before turning 35, and remember – it isn’t reallyContinue reading “Egg freezing – facts vs fiction”

Diets, weight and mood

Yesterday I attended a fantastic professional development day on eating disorders – I left the session feeling energised and much better equipped to manage my clients who present with eating/weight issues and eating disorders.  I only only to wait a few hours today to put my new knowledge into action as a brave client admittedContinue reading “Diets, weight and mood”

Rape and DV crisis service on the line

It makes me so angry to see great services pushed beyond their limits then criticised because they aren’t doing a good enough job. And then, just to make things worse, the same services are left in a position where their funding is threatened.  And who loses? Vulnerable people – mostly women and children – whoContinue reading “Rape and DV crisis service on the line”