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10 Australian families still stranded in Cambodia, with up to 50 babies yet to be born.


The completely foreseeable disaster of Cambodian surrogacy continues to unravel, with this article claiming that around Australian families are currently stranded in Cambodia with their infants, and up to 50 more surrogates are currently pregnant in Cambodia for Australian IPs.

Cambodia has abruptly acted to end the practice of surrogacy in that country, but it appears that the problems inherent to the unregulated Asian industry just continue to move across borders, and into new countries such as Laos and Vietnam, as surrogacy agencies continue to take advantage of desperate parents to be, and impoverished women who are prepared to undertake surrogacy pregnancies.  Any Australian family who embarks on a surrogacy in a country with no clear legislative framework around surrogacy treatment has to expect the situation described in this article as a potential outcome to their own surrogacy efforts.

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