Good news the future of womankind

Considering all of the terrible and sad stories that have recently peppered the news, I think this is the most wonderful thing I have seen in… well, almost forever.  This gorgeous 22 month old girl wanted to make and carry her very own sign for a Women’s March in North Carolina on the weekend.  IContinue reading “Good news the future of womankind”

The impact of stress

The following article isn’t specifically related to fertility treatment, but does provide some extra insight into how our body is impacted by high chronic levels of stress. As time goes by, we are learning more and more about the mechanisms that cause us to become unwell, and this research helps describe the connection between stress andContinue reading “The impact of stress”

The impact of fertility treatment on relationships

Those who have been down the infertility treatment path will know the impact that this treatment can have on relationships – at a physical, emotional and sexual level. This article provides some a really good insights into  the potential impacts on relationships for those negotiating the ups… and downs…. of assisted reproduction.  Recognising that things areContinue reading “The impact of fertility treatment on relationships”