Infertility and psychological distress

I have just seen this article (published in July 2016’s Fertility and Sterility) which describes the level of distress still being experienced by families undertaking fertility treatment. It really looks like we are letting families down, as they progress through treatment with the goal of starting or extending heir families. The study, which followed patientsContinue reading “Infertility and psychological distress”

When grief doesn’t end

This is a really beautiful article describing the experience of “complicated grief”.  As the article explains:  “Complicated grief is like a wound that doesn’t heal and can follow the loss of any close relationship. The risk of complicated grief is greatest — 10 percent to 20 percent — among those who lose a romantic partnerContinue reading “When grief doesn’t end”

Surviving the first year of motherhood

I really like this blog by Emma Lord, describing her tough start into motherhood.  I often have women ask me why “no-one tells you it will be this hard”… well… Emma tells you how hard it can be

Australian nurse arrested in Cambodian surrogacy crackdown

This is a very alarming development in the Cambodian surrogacy crackdown.  An extraordinary and unexpected risk of being involved in cross-border matters in a country where the legislation is unclear.  My best wishes extend to Tammy and her family – this is a terrible situation.

IVF and superannuation

The Courier Mail recently interviewed me about the increasing number of patients accessing their superannuation in order to pay for IVF.  Would you believe that last year, there were 13,476 applications from Australian patients wanting to access their superannuation on medical compassionate grounds (including fertility treatment? 34 per cent (4707) were from Queensland, resulting in 3359Continue reading “IVF and superannuation”

ACCC puts IVF clinics “on notice”

Misleading reporting of success rates has been a problem which has plagued the IVF industry for a long, long time.  The ACCC has now stepped in and put fertility clinics “on notice” regarding false or misleading treatment outcome claims.  Although I am doubtful that this will be enough to completely extinguish poor behaviour by thoseContinue reading “ACCC puts IVF clinics “on notice””

The experience of using an egg donor

I really like the series of videos about infertility on #hiddenfaces put together by fertilitynetworkuk.  This video shares the experiences of a woman learning she will need to use an egg donor, and how she coped with becoming a mother through gamete donation

Cambodia bans surrogacy pregnancy

The Cambodian Ministry of Health has today announced that surrogacy pregnancy is now banned in that country.  The Ministry has also banned a range of other procedures including sperm donation.  It remains unclear whether surrogacy providers will be granted a grace period to put in place alternative arrangements, or what the implications are for surrogacy arrangementsContinue reading “Cambodia bans surrogacy pregnancy”

Questions to ask your fertility doctor

I really like an article I just found which suggests 30 simple and sensible questions to put to your fertility specialist.  These questions help ensure you get the most out of your treatment and help you to remain an active part of the decision making process. Some patients worry about asking “too many” questions ofContinue reading “Questions to ask your fertility doctor”