Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.  The International Wave of Light invites participants from around the world to light a candle in honour of the babies who don’t survive pregnancy or early infancy. The Wave Begins today at 7pm (October 15) in your respective time zone, and the intention is to leave aContinue reading “Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day”

Stillbirth in Australia

The rate of stillbirth (pregnancy loss at or after 20 weeks gestation) remains at 1% of all Australian pregnancies.  Many families who have experienced the loss of their baby late in pregnancy suffer ignorance and insensitivity from family and friends who fail to recognise the significance of the loss.  This article from SBS News explainsContinue reading “Stillbirth in Australia”

Mental Health Week 2016

Did you now that this is Mental Health Week.  Taking care of our mental and emotional wellbeing is always important, but this week there is a chance to ask ourselves “am I ok?” This is particularly important when we are going through the stress of infertility and its treatment, and also during the postpartum time.Continue reading “Mental Health Week 2016”

Surrogacy counselling

Narelle has extensive experience in providing both pre and post surrogacy counselling.   As a clinical and health psychologist she is trained to undertake all assessment that may be required by the court to demonstrate capacity to undertake a surrogacy arrangement, and increase the likelihood of a smooth running surrogacy arrangement.  Narelle undertakes surrogacy counselling and assessment  in accordance withContinue reading “Surrogacy counselling”