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Who are the surrogacy IPs?

Surrogacy is no-one's first choice to having a family. It can be a tough long road, and also often really expensive.  This young couple have an all-too-familiar story of why they are seeking a surrogate - I wish them all the luck in the world to find a woman who can help them!

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Hidden costs of cross-border surrogacy

For any family contemplating surrogacy, either at home or overseas, it is critical that due consideration be given to medical costs associated with the pregnancy, and postpartum care of the infant (particularly if there is premature delivery or postpartum complications).  This complexity of this issue in the USA left my head spinning during my recent… Continue reading Hidden costs of cross-border surrogacy

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The risk of looking for loopholes in surrogacy legislation

Surrogacy in Canada has become an enormous industry in the past couple of years, and like Australia, only altruistic surrogacy is permitted.  Unlike Australia however, there is quite generous "compensation" for surrogates, which exceeds the basic costs of undertaking the pregnancy.  This article in the Toronto Star provides a quite in-depth examination of the pitfalls… Continue reading The risk of looking for loopholes in surrogacy legislation

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Cambodia emerging as surrogacy hub

For those who followed my Churchill Fellowship blog, there will be uncanny similarities between what I have been learning about Surrogacy in Cambodia and the information in this article published in The Hindu on Monday.  Anyone choosing to seek 3rd party reproduction in Cambodia should be doing so with great caution and both eyes wide,… Continue reading Cambodia emerging as surrogacy hub

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How Old is Too Old?

I have posted a few times about the potential for modern fertility treatment to raise the age at which people can become parents, and wondered what this might mean for future children. I have just watched last night's Insight episode (SBS Australia) to see what perspectives are shared regarding Older Parents.  Interesting stuff, with the perspectives… Continue reading How Old is Too Old?

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“The Happiness Jar”

One of my beautiful clients recently introduced me to a website she had found called She has had some really tough times over the past few years and I have had the absolute honour of spending time with her as she has talked through (at various times) her joy, fear, pain, loss and grief. Tonight… Continue reading “The Happiness Jar”

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“More and More Australian Women are having children via sperm donation”

"More and more Australian women are having children via sperm donation, with the demand from single women doubling in the past five years."  This SBS program explores the international 3rd party reproduction industry, but it is absolutely critical to gain implications counselling from an experienced fertility counsellor before embarking on this form of family creation… Continue reading “More and More Australian Women are having children via sperm donation”

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Wonderful story of altruistic domestic surrogacy

I just love this gorgeous story of surrogacy done well.  Congratulations to everyone involved!  Read the story online at Daily Life