“Anonymous sperm and egg donation is effectively over”

And another recent media article that suggests DNA tests are increasingly being used to solve unknown parentage cases for adoptees and donor-conceived persons. This UK article claims that more than “three million people worldwide are already said to have signed up for private genetic testing, often via online companies and without taking advice from health professionals. TheContinue reading ““Anonymous sperm and egg donation is effectively over””

“They’ve already made the emotional commitment”

The following article presents an interesting perspective of  the dangers of finding embryos and eggs online, suggesting that by the time childless families reach their mandatory donor counselling at the ART clinics, they are already so emotionally invested, it is difficult to change their minds when misgivings surface. Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/by-the-time-they-get-to-the-clinic-stage-its-hard-to-pull-back-20160422-gocmam.html#ixzz46u3julld

Surrogacy arrangement turns sour in QLD

As is often the case with media reports, it’s a little tricky to know exactly what has happened here, but this appears to be a really sad situation where a surrogacy arrangement hasn’t gone too smoothly here in Queensland, and the IPs and the surrogate have come out feeling damaged by the process. The story isContinue reading “Surrogacy arrangement turns sour in QLD”

Differing opinions

About 12 years ago, I was undertaking a donor implications counselling session with a couple who needed donated eggs.  It wasn’t too long after RTAC had altered guidelines for practice regarding third party reproduction in Australia, and as a result, clinics were no longer providing anonymously donated eggs, sperm and embryos.  Counselling focused clearly  onContinue reading “Differing opinions”

The Baby Gammy story continues

2 years after cross border surrogacy hit the spotlight with the story of Baby Gammy, there has been a development to the case in the Australian Family Court.  The case received a great deal of attention after it was suggested that the IPs abandoned Gammy in Thailand to their Thai surrogate, and returned to Australia withContinue reading “The Baby Gammy story continues”

“55-year-old becomes Britain’s oldest mother of triplets”

This is yet another media story about what we shouldn’t be doing in third party reproduction.  The decision to transfer 3 embryos (created from eggs from a young donor) into a 55 year old woman, and (predictably) resulting in the premature birth of triplets is clearly a problem.  This will inevitably have implications for the healthContinue reading ““55-year-old becomes Britain’s oldest mother of triplets””

What rights do non-biological partners and donors have?

I just found this brief but well written article which examine the rights of non biological partners and donors in the world of third party reproduction.  It highlights some of the difficulties faced in more “complex” family structures such as when same sex-couples have a child with the help of a donor or friend, or twoContinue reading “What rights do non-biological partners and donors have?”