2016 Churchill Fellowships application process now open

If you are an Australian resident and think that the Fellowship I just completed was pretty cool, this is your opportunity to apply for your own adventure.  For details on the application process, go to Churchill Trust Application. Online applications close on Sunday 15 May 2016 11.59PM

Landmark decision for donor conceived people in Victoria

The Victorian Government released the following information about the newly passed Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act Amendment Bill yesterday, and the amendment is a real “game changer” for adults who were door conceived and with to access information about their donor. From March 2017, all donor-conceived Victorians will be able to access available identifying information about theirContinue reading “Landmark decision for donor conceived people in Victoria”

Sperm donation for the wrong reasons

Australia is preparing for the upcoming Parliamentary Inquiry into gestational surrogacy, and inevitably this discussion will also consider the intertwined issues of egg, sperm and embryo donation.  There is no way to fully separate the various aspects of third party reproduction. With the arguments raging around compensation for third party reproduction, I thought it was really timelyContinue reading “Sperm donation for the wrong reasons”

When surrogacy contracts fall apart

Yet another cautionary surrogacy tale from overseas (in this instance the USA) where the surrogate wants a very different outcome to the commissioning parent, despite the legal contracts that were signed prior to the surrogacy being commenced. No matter how many legal issues you iron out ahead of time, there’s no way to legislate people’sContinue reading “When surrogacy contracts fall apart”

2016 Time to tell seminar

VARTA established these seminars some years ago and they are an outstanding resource for families unsure of how to talk to their children born through third party reproduction. This seminar provides tips on how, when and what to communicate so that parents are empowered and children feel enriched by the unique way in which theyContinue reading “2016 Time to tell seminar”

Fake “surrogate” jailed in the UK for fraud

This article examine the nightmare outcome for a UK couple desperate to have a family. The “surrogate” promised to help her IPs complete the family they had always dreamed of by being their paid surrogate. But the 25-year-old did not even fall pregnant – and concocted a cynical scheme that lasted for nearly a year, costing theContinue reading “Fake “surrogate” jailed in the UK for fraud”

Problems with advertising claims in Australian IVF clinics

I know that I have made a whole lot of posts today, but this article cannot be overlooked.  When we consider that over $242 million dollars was paid by Medicare last year (don’t forget there will be additional out of pockets in addition to that, Australian families deserve to know what they should expect fromContinue reading “Problems with advertising claims in Australian IVF clinics”

Stop 9: Home Again, Brisbane Queensland

I am now back on home soil (5 days sooner than expected).  I counted down the 48 sleeps since I left my family at Brisbane airport, and I can’t begin to describe how much missed them and how delighted I am to be back with them.  I flew over 63,000 km (that is equal to circumnavigating theContinue reading “Stop 9: Home Again, Brisbane Queensland”

Stop 8: Cambodia

Unfortunately, fate (or at least a virus and dehydration) intervened and prevented me from making my final stop in Cambodia.  This is a real disappointment to me, as Cambodia is the newest player in the international surrogacy industry, really only appearing in late 2014, and in a direct response to legislative changes in Thailand.  AsContinue reading “Stop 8: Cambodia”

Stop 7: India

My time in India ended up being a rather different-to-expected kind of adventure – I contracted a virus (probably on the flight from Russia, I suspect) and became quite ill with fevers, headaches and severe dehydration.  Unfortunately, as I was travelling alone, managing these symptoms was more difficult that usual and after being in IndiaContinue reading “Stop 7: India”