3 months until departure to investigate surrogacy in US, Mexico, Russia, India and Cambodia

It is now only 3 months until I depart on this incredible opportunity to investigate surrogacy around the world.  Last night I attended the Churchill Fellowship Medallion Evening, which gives returning Churchill Fellows a chance to share their experiences and tell the stories of what they have learned.  Last night, Fellows were asked to shareContinue reading “3 months until departure to investigate surrogacy in US, Mexico, Russia, India and Cambodia”

NSW Surrogacy Act review

The NSW Department of Justice is currently reviewing the Surrogacy Act in that state, with specific attention to the existing restrictions on advertising for surrogates, and the time currently taken to process parentage transfers.  If amendments were made to permit advertising and reduce the time taken to finalise parentage transfers these changes would go a veryContinue reading “NSW Surrogacy Act review”

Infertility and Mood disorder

Much of my work as a fertility counsellor involves supporting people who are struggling to conceive a child and are experiencing feelings of sadness, anxiety and distress.  These sorts of reactions are incredibly normal in the context of such a difficult situation, but when does this become a clinical problem?  This article from Infertility.about.doc exploresContinue reading “Infertility and Mood disorder”

Surrogacy in Queensland – what’s legal and what’s not?

Although surrogacy has now been legal in Queensland for over 5 years, and has certainly peaked the interest of media in the past couple of years, there still seems to be a degree of public ignorance about what is legal and what is not.  The confusion is not helped by the fact that each Australian State andContinue reading “Surrogacy in Queensland – what’s legal and what’s not?”

Project planning continues…

This week I have been quite overwhelmed and more than a bit excited by my progress in planning the research trip.  I have now made contact with significant contributors in the fertility and surrogacy sector in almost every location, and I have been just blown away by how friendly and helpful everyone has been, andContinue reading “Project planning continues…”