Modern dads make a difference to their kids

This content in this article really just makes sense, but we still seem to need to validate dads who want to be involved and emotionally engaged with their kids.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the current generation of fathers is  striving to improve on what they perceive to be the errors of their fathers – not to be critical (I mean really, we all just do the best we can and parenting is really hard!) but because the opportunity is always there to learn from past mistakes and make changes.  In my practice I hear new mums making really similar statements “I want to be a better mother than what my mother was to me” but dads generally don’t have the same opportunities to talk about these issues so this type of journalism is important.

Embrace those emotions, you new dads! Your kids will love you for it and you will be making happier, more capable kids!



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