A few thank you’s…

While I am still in deeply engrossed with the process of organising my upcoming trip, I wish to make a few thankyou’s.

Firstly, to the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, and the Queensland Selection Committee for recognising the value of the project and for making the assessment that I was a worthy candidate for a Fellowship.  This is a massive honour, and I am thrilled and overwhelmed to be undertaking the project.

To my referees, Stephen Page, Steven Fleming and Kate Bourne, thank you for recommending me and the project and for providing your support to the application.  I really appreciate the vote of confidence each of these individuals have given me as well as the assistance and contacts they continue to share.

To Fiona Hawthorne, for her mentoring me through the preparation of my Fellowship Application.  It is incalculable how much the experience of a past fellow adds to a Fellowship Application.

To my husband and family, for supporting me to apply and encouraging me take the opportunity to spread my professional wings to disappear overseas for 7 weeks to undertake the project.

and to all the various friends (you all know who you are), who have encouraged me or helped me with preparing for the project- every little bit has been appreciated!

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